WWII: The Complete History

This exhaustive collection encompasses all the events that occurred during World War II. Covering an astonishing amount of ground, events in France, London, Munich, Stalingrad, the Pacific, and many others are all covered in intimate detail. Some of the stories offered by veterans create a startling portrait of the events as they unfolded, as well as adding a personal touch to this amazing program. In short, this is an insightful way to gather a welter of information on this important chapter in world history.


Season 1.0

1. The Stumble to War (2000-10-05)
2. The End of Illusion (2000-10-12)
3. The War That Wasn't (2000-10-19)
4. A Kind of Victory (2000-10-26)
7. The Day of Infamy (2000-11-16)
8. Six Months to Run Wild (2000-11-23)
9. The End of the Beginning (2000-11-30)
10. The Beginning of the End (2000-12-07)
11. Overlord (2000-12-14)
12. Unconditional Surrender (2000-12-21)
13. The Presence of History (2000-12-28)