Witch Hunter Robin

To most of Society, Witches are nothing more than myths and legends of a bygone era. However, there are a few people who possess the Witch genome; a gene that may give the person special, supernatural abilities. For them, a secret organization named Solomon (STN) was formed to track and hunt them down before they became a threat to the rest of Society. The story follows the members of the STN-J, the Japanese branch of Solomon. Unlike other branches of the STN, the STN-J captures Witches alive. Armed with a substance called Orbo, an invention developed by Administrator Zaizen, the Hunters subdue the Witches of Japan and send them to a facility called the Factory. It was during one of these Hunts that a member of the team was killed. With morale falling, Solomon Headquarters sends a new Hunter from Italy to join the STN-J as a replacement for the fallen Hunter; a young girl named Robin Sen


Season 1.0

1. Replacement (2002-07-03)
2. Addicted to Power (2002-07-10)
3. Dancing in Darkness (2002-07-17)
4. Stubborn Aesthetics (2002-07-24)
6. Raindrops (2002-08-07)
7. Simple-Mind (2002-08-14)
8. Faith (2002-08-21)
9. Sign of the Craft (2002-08-28)
10. Separate Lives (2002-09-04)
11. The Soul Cages (2002-09-11)
12. Precious Illusions (2002-09-18)
13. The Eyes of Truth (2002-09-25)
14. Loaded Guns (2002-10-02)
15. Time to Say Goodbye (2002-10-09)
16. Heal the Pain (2002-10-16)
17. Dilemma (2002-10-23)
18. In My Pocket (2002-10-30)
19. Missing (2002-11-06)
20. All I Really Oughta Know (2002-11-13)
21. No Way Out (2002-11-20)
22. Family Portrait (2002-11-27)
23. Sympathy for the Devil (2002-12-04)
24. Rent (2002-12-11)
25. Redemption Day (2002-12-18)
26. Time to Tell (2002-12-24)