Welcher & Welcher

Shaun Micallef plays Q.C Welcher, a man driven by a massive ego. A solicitor who fancies himself as a barrister, Welcher is striving to be like his father, who started the firm. Pompous, arrogant and elitist, he looks the part and acts the part, but inside, he is full of insecurities and happens to be terribly accident-prone. Welcher is blessed with the initials Q. C, which despite his best efforts, will be the closest he ever gets to Queen's Council.


Season 1.0

1. Prejudice (2003-02-06)
2. Adam's Rib (2003-02-13)
3. Favours (2003-02-20)
4. The Winslow Boy (2003-02-27)
5. Hypothetically Speaking (2003-03-06)
6. White Man's Burden (2003-03-13)
7. Heat (2003-03-20)
8. Siblings-in-Law (2003-03-27)