Alice is a 26 year-old girl with a provincial life who lives in the city of Palmas, sate of Tocantins. After four years of engagement with Henrique, they decide to move together. However, the sudden death of Ciro, Alice's father, whom she had not seen for years, interrupts her plans and she is forced to go to Sao Paulo. There, Alice meets again with her stepmother, her aunt, and her half sister. A series of unexpected events caused a one day trip to become a prolonged stay.


Season 2.0

Season 1.0

1. Pela Toca Do Coelho (2008-09-21)
2. O Tesouro De Alice (2008-09-28)
6. O Lado Escuro Do Espelho (2008-10-26)
7. Wonderland (2008-11-02)
8. A Guerra de Alice (2008-11-09)
9. Em Busca do Ouro (2008-11-16)
10. Na Cidade de Alice (2008-11-23)
11. Mil Quilometros Por Hora (2008-11-30)
12. Queda Livre (2008-12-07)
13. À Flor Da Pele (2008-12-14)