A Farmer's Life for Me - Season 1, Episode 8
  • Episode Title: Episode 8
  • Episode Run Time: 60
  • Episode Air Date: 2011-03-24 20:00
  • Episode Summary: It is the final. Nine couples of would-be farmers have been whittled down to just two by self-made pig farmer, Jimmy Doherty. Now he faces his toughest decision yet as he must announce who should have the chance to run their very own 25 acre farm for a year.To help him make up his mind, he has come up with the farming day from hell. Each couple must undergo a daunting series of livestock and arable challenges that involve herding and shearing sheep and ploughing and seeding land.But the most difficult test of all is when the fledgling farmers must present their business plan for what they would do with the farm if they won. Emotions run high as everyone knows any mistake at this stage could end in disaster.