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David tries to find a way out of his predicament.

Latest Episode: Season 1, Episode 7
The Expanse

Bobbie becomes a political pawn in the struggle between Earth and Mars.

Latest Episode: Season 2, Episode 9
Designated Survivor

An investigative journalist shocks the White House when he reveals classified information during a press briefing and leaves Seth struggling to contain the damage from the leaked story. Meanwhile, Hannah unearths a key connection between MacLeish and the conspiracy.

Latest Episode: Season 1, Episode 13
The Magicians

Quentin nears what could be a dead end to his problem; Eliot risks his life for his kingdom, and Margo makes a costly bargain to protect him; Julia, Kady and Penny find a possible ally.

Latest Episode: Season 2, Episode 9
The 100

Clarke's arrival on the island quickly takes a turn for the worse. Meanwhile, Bellamy tries to avoid further tragedy in Arkadia.

Latest Episode: Season 4, Episode 7

Prometheus goes to great lengths to break Oliver. Meanwhile, in the flashbacks, Anatoly becomes worried about Oliver's increasingly violent tendencies, which come to a head in a brutal confrontation.

Latest Episode: Season 5, Episode 17
Hap and Leonard

The guys uncover more clues about BB. Hap and Florida scheme to free Leonard from a dire predicament; unusual clues bring Hap and Leonard to a cryptic person of interest in the case.

Latest Episode: Season 2, Episode 2
The Deed

Sidney teams up with Mike and Andre, two best friends trying to make it big in the real estate game, but who ran into serious trouble when the budget for a termite-ridden property vastly exceeded their expectations.

Latest Episode: Season 1, Episode 4

With Nas's help, Weller and Jane finally come face-to-face with Nas's inside source within Sandstorm, and square off with an old foe.

Latest Episode: Season 2, Episode 16
Hunter Street

A mysterious message helps the Hunter children track down the elusive "Magpie,'' but it may be too late as others suspect the children are home alone.

Latest Episode: Season 1, Episode 8
Chicago P.D.

After being tipped off about a woman running barefoot through the woods, Intelligence is led to a kidnapping victim locked up in a shipping container. The bizarre scenario leaves Voight questioning the legitimacy of the case, and sends the team on a twisted trail to get to the bottom of it. Meanwhile, a former relationship of Halstead's comes back into the picture, much to the surprise of Lindsay.

Latest Episode: Season 4, Episode 17
Criminal Minds

The BAU believes two unsubs may be operating at the same time, when victims killed in two drastically different ways are discovered in the same city. Also, the team grapples with keeping Reid safe in prison.

Latest Episode: Season 12, Episode 17
Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders

The International Response Team investigates the apparent suicide of an American in Colombia who emptied his bank account prior to his death.

Latest Episode: Season 2, Episode 3
Major Crimes

Sharon's son, Ricky, comes home for a surprise visit while Major Crimes investigates what looks like the "follow home" murder of a retired LAPD fraud detective, who may have been murdered for an arrest she made decades ago.

Latest Episode: Season 5, Episode 18
Shots Fired

When an African-American cop shoots and kills an unarmed white college student, a small town in North Carolina is turned upside-down. Before the town has a chance to cope with this tragedy, the neglected murder of an African-American teen is brought to light, opening wounds that threaten to tear the community apart. As Detective Ashe Akino and Special Prosecutor Preston Terry set out to find the truth, they begin to grapple with the media attention, public debate and social unrest that come with such volatile cases.

Latest Episode: Season 1, Episode 1
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