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David reflects on his past with the help of new friends.

Latest Episode: Season 1, Episode 2
The Expanse

Miller devises a dangerous plan to eradicate what's left of the protomolecule on Eros.

Latest Episode: Season 2, Episode 4
The Quad

After giving Jason an ultimatum, Eva gets an unexpected overture from Derek; Sydney starts a new gig; guilt and remorse hypnotize Cedric after his release from jail; Noni becomes tasked with a difficult challenge.

Latest Episode: Season 1, Episode 2

The Team struggles with loss while Rip comes face-to-face with his new captor.

Latest Episode: Season 1, Episode 5

Mandela finally gets released from prison, but his liberation does not come without cost as he cannot reconcile his marriage; only Mandela can unify a divided nation.

Latest Episode: Season 1, Episode 3
The 100

Jaha leads Clarke and Bellamy down a road to possible salvation while tension rise in Arcadia and Polis.

Latest Episode: Season 4, Episode 3

A traumatic attack on City Hall triggers painful memories for Rene about his family. Flashbacks reveal how Rene went from simple family man to a hero named Wild Dog. Meanwhile, Oliver must deal with the perpetrator behind the attack and realizes the best way to do so is as Mayor Queen instead of the Green Arrow. Tensions run high in the Arrow bunker.

Latest Episode: Season 5, Episode 13

A tattoo points the team toward a powerful collegiate secret society, but they can't infiltrate it without the help of one of its alumni.

Latest Episode: Season 2, Episode 14
Lethal Weapon

Riggs and Murtaugh are forced to work with DEA agent Karen Palmer again, to protect Leo Getz, an ambulance-chasing attorney who was linked to the Cartel. As the three delve further into the case, they begin to realize that Leo may not be the only one with a target on his back. In the meantime, Riggs begins to view Agent Palmer in a new light while Murtaugh is left worried after Trish makes a spontaneous decision

Latest Episode: Season 1, Episode 15
The Magicians

Quentin and Penny embark on a quest; Margo works on a way to help Eliot; Julia seeks an old friend's help.

Latest Episode: Season 2, Episode 4

Harvey and Mike walk a fine line when they partner on a class action; Louis needs Rachel's help impressing a client during an annual presentation; and Donna and Benjamin refine their product.

Latest Episode: Season 6, Episode 14
Navy SEALs: America's Secret Warriors

The SEALs become the tip of the spear in the War on Terror, executing daily raids in Afghanistan and Iraq as well as high-profile missions, such as the rescue of Capt. Richard Phillips from pirates and the raid on Osama bin Laden's compound.

Latest Episode: Season 1, Episode 2

A pair of fugitives considers risking everything to set up a secret rendezvous with a loved one. Also, the Command Center interrogates a fugitive's sister in an attempt uncover new leads.

Latest Episode: Season 1, Episode 5
Chicago P.D.

When a charred body is found in a torched house, Intelligence must work to identify the victim, as well as a young boy who is found badly injured inside. As they look to determine the cause and who may have been involved, they are faced with a web of secrets and lies. Meanwhile, Lindsay and Halstead receive an odd warning about Rixton that leaves them suspicious.

Latest Episode: Season 4, Episode 14
Criminal Minds

When a BAU member gets in trouble in Mexico, the team enlists the services of the International Response Team for their help.

Latest Episode: Season 12, Episode 13

During a neighborhood block party fundraiser, Hunter surprises Star by inviting superstar recording artist/producer Pumpkin to the event. Alexandra revaluates her dreams of stardom when her mother, Rose Spencer shows up with an irresistible proposal. Meanwhile, Jahil explores a new opportunity and Cotton agrees to meet with Pastor Harris, hoping to mend her relationship with her mother.

Latest Episode: Season 1, Episode 8
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